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Hypnotherapy - "Helping people be the best they can in their life using the power of their own unconscious mind."


Life Coach - " Assessing and changing your life, making your dreams your reality."


Reiki - "Bringing balance and harmony to your innerself."

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Hypnotherapy - Are you constantly trying to lose weight, give up smoking, overcome fears or phobias?  Hypnotherapy can help you  achieve all of the above and so much more. Please contact Paul if you would like some advice and feel Hypnotherapy can help you.

Life Coach - Have you got to a point in your life or career where you feel you don't know what to do next? You could be stuck in a circle and feel like you're constanttly chasing your own tail. Having life coach sessions can help you assess your life, look at your strengths, weaknesses and set yourself new goals. Don't allow those negative thoughts to stop you living your new life.

Reiki - By using the exchange of energies Reiki can help with many forms of illnesses and or injuries. A time for you to relax switch off and allow your mind, body and soul to start the healing process.